the Corchia  is one of the most famous tourist caves in Tuscany,

but behind the tourist part there is a world reserved for a few..

we take you to discover that hidden side, made up of adventure and breathtaking views


Difficulty : Adventure
Descent duration: 2.5 – 3.5 hours
Activity duration: 3.5 – 4.5 hours
Approach march: 20 minutes
Return march: 5 to 20 minutes
Rate: €85
When: From December to April
Minimum Age : 12 Years


Speleo Experience – Monte Corchia

After the introductions, we put on the overalls, harness and the rest of the equipment. By path in 20 minutes we will arrive at the entrance to the cave. Briefing on safety, on the activity and off we go!
The air temperature between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius. The entrance, a natural opening, is a bit narrow and sloping. Shortly after we will arrive at the first abseil on the rope, then a second of about 20 meters and then a third. From here, downclimbing towards the footbridges of the tourist route, which we will cover for 5 minutes, to then leave them behind us, deviating towards the snow tunnels ……… the adventure, of course, continues, ask for more info!


  • Comfortable mountain clothing (be careful it will definitely get dirty!).
  • Trekking shoes to enter the water and socks to get wet,
  • No rings on hands if not gloved, in any case, a pair of fine gloves, garden type, are recommended.
  • Those who wear glasses will have to fix them to the head to avoid losing them, those who use contact lenses, preferably the disposable type with a spare pair.
  • A plastic bag to store shoes and anything else we will get dirty after the experience.
  • A change to leave in the car


  • a good and normal state of health, the absence of cardiac and/or respiratory pathologies that are not compatible with physical effort.
  • The absence of fear of closed environments
  • Allergic subjects, who by custom and safety bring anti-shock medicines with them, must notify the organization and the guide. ATTENTION: The
  • underground environment in which this experience takes place is by definition remote and impervious, for this reason in the presence of difficulties of even one person. The guide could decide to interrupt the excursion at any time to solve or mitigate the difficulties that have arisen.
  • To this end, the maximum collaboration of all participants is required at all times.
  • Any health problems (falls, sprains, panic attacks, etc.) cannot be treated by the Emergency Urgency health service with the times guaranteed in an urban environment.


Before entering the canyon you will be informed about the objective characteristics and risks of the canyon,

on the behaviors to adopt for the safety of all and for the respect of the environment.

You will also be trained on rope maneuvers if necessary. you will be accompanied by expert Canyoning guides


  • Caving suit
  • Helmet* with light system
  • Harness *
  • safety lanyards and carabiners*
  • Common material (ropes, first aid kit)

we'll take care of the photos



LEVIGLIANI (LU)- Monte Corchia

Il punto di incontro è nel parcheggio di Levigliani (LU)





+39 3478974708



have a fun